Massao Mascaro is a French photographer ( Lille 1990 ) who lives and works in Brussels.

Massao’s work is always looking for a delicate balance between autobiography, topography and politics.

His work often revolves around territory. In Ramo it was his ancestor’s Calabria, in Jardínthe mythical space of the garden, found in the streets and parks of Madrid. In his new project What a big river, Massao is working on around the Mediterranean coasts, cradle of many civilisations, using the journey of Ulysses as a loose guideline. The scope of his work is profoundly political, as it is rooted in the need to explore how humans relate to the spaces (both cultural and geographical) they inhabit.

In 2016, he was awarded the Bozar Monography Award with Jardin. In 2017, he was nominated and be part of the TIFF by the Antwerpen Foto Museum.

Massao’s work is part of the prestigious collection of the Foundation A Stichting.




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