Ricardo Cases

Ricardo Cases

Was born in Orihuela(Spain) in 1971. Lives and works between Madrid and Valencia.
Degree in Journalism by the University of The Basque Country.
In 2006 he joined the Blank Paper Photography Collective.


(Why oranges)

The mechanics of chaos I have seen a river in Paris / next to the grey tower / I have seen an umbrella ripped open / all of the mechanisms (Antònia Font)

At first sight, here and now, one would think of reality as a chaotic and anarchic progression. Some kind of illogical, unpredictable and messy disaster. If things really have any kind of logic to them, it lays well hidden behind a curtain of banality so thick as to make it invisible.

However, at some very exceptional moments, life relaxes and reveals itself; the automaton lets its bowels be seen and its mechanism becomes momentarily evident as a logic of chaos that explains everything to us. These are ephemeral moments that go by unnoticed and disappear immediately, without anybody witnessing the epiphany.