MICHEL SEDAN – Naiades Nereides


Born in Marseille, Michel has been living in Paris for the last 25 years.

Self-taught in a family of photographers and artists where diversity and grace were encouragingly celebrated, he found photography as a means to express a soaring emotional altitude and vision, and the camera a second eye and trustworthy tool for experimentation.

His earliest projects were highly personal, inspired by nature and its insurmountable beauty: delicate, colored underwater nymphs that gave life to the exhibition and Edition Naïades Nereides as well as a photographic analysis on the beauty of living creatures in the Nature part of the edition Contrenature.

Fashion and Beauty have been two more facets of his exploration of image, leading to collaborations with such iconic brands as Chanel, Bulgari and Hermes.

His personal photographic projects range from the subtle to the apocalyptic, broadening the perception of reality and connecting the “signified and signifier”.