Lucas Olivet

Lucas Olivet

A true behind-the-scenes gathering around Lac Noir located in the municipality of Wentworth in Canada,
this exhibition is an invitation to travel and discover an exceptional nature.
Accustomed to the places, Lucas Olivet goes every day to the family cottage where he continues
to work around the lake, the vegetation and the relationship of the man to the water. Through
a raking light, he tries to pay homage to this wild nature, to discover
the traces of a certain spirituality in which the human presence is found to live
simply, in the calm, the rhythm of the sun.

These pictures are
the result of patient work. Sober and intimate, they are like Black Lake. They
take us into this relaxing landscape, bathed in sunshine and so much so that they
seem to be out of time.

“Black Water Ballad” comes after “Wentworth”, an evolving project around the
Canadian campaign that was presented at the Biel International Photography Festival in
2013 and in 2014 at the European Young Photography Festival at 104 in Paris.

Sophie Eigenmann


Lucas Olivet (* 1985)


2005-2007 Higher School of Photography, Vevey (CH)

2015 Masterclass at the Swiss Center for Photojournalism

Personal exhibitions /

2015 Coast to Coast Luzern (Switzerland), Maz Gallery

2014 Wentworth remember Paris (FR), The 104, Circulation (s), Festival of the Young European Photography

2013 Wentworth Bienne (CH), International Photography Festival

Collective exhibitions /


Lomo Gallery, New York (USA), “BZZZ” /

dnj Gallery, Los Angeles (USA), “Martisor”


Back Gallery Project, Vancouver (CA), “Martisor” /

Festival Format, Derby (UK) “Wentworth” /

Oblick Festival Strasbourg (FR) «Wentworth» /

International Biennial of Photography, Liège (BE) «Wentworth» /

Breadfield Gallery, Malmö (SWE) “Wentworth” /

Fotofestiwal, Lodz (PL) “Wentworth” /

Fotografia Europa Festival of Reggio Emilia (IT) “Wentworth” /

“When photography blends with gastronomy” Old Toulouse Museum, Toulouse (FR) /

Encontros da Imagem of Braga (PT), “Wentworth” /

European Heritage Days, Reunion Island (FR), “Wentworth” /

Sputnik Festival, Geneva (CH) “The Fabulous Adventures of Sam Mosquito” (video)

with the collective Cowboy Black


Hit, Geneva “Who’s afraid of colors” with Anne Minazio


LUFF, Lausanne (CH) + Swiss Arts Awards, Basel … «Home» Crew Augustin Rebet /

Annex Splendid, Geneva “Violencia Rivas” with Co. Chupacabras


Mapping festival, BAC, Geneva “L’Enclos” with D’incise


PhotoforumPasquart, Biel “Yuki Jungfrau” /

O Quai Arts Gallery, Vevey «CEPV / ECAL: Two Schools, Photographers»

Price /

2014 Swiss Photo Award-ewz.selection, special price for “Martisor”